Winnie Harlow blasted for ‘body shaming’ a pot-bellied man

Fans of Winnie Harlow are furious with the supermodel for sharing a video in which she appears to be “body shaming” a pot-bellied man.

The former America’s Next Top Model contestant has been slammed for posting the clip on social media that shows the man sleeping with his stomach bulging out from his yellow trunks. The man in the video, according to The Sun, is Formula One ace racer Lewis Hamilton’s uncle Terry.

“Sexy views… You’re welcome,” she wrote alongside the video she shared on Instagram on Wednesday (12 July).

Her fans did not hold back and lashed out at her for sharing the video.

“The distaste I have for @winnieharlow has only grown stronger after finding out she thinks it’s ok to body shame at the expense of others,” one fan commented on the video.

Another fumed, “You’re SUPPOSED to be a role model! You of all people should have thought twice before uploading that picture. At least the guy in the picture can lose the weight!”

With her fans calling her out for body shaming, Harlow swiftly removed the video from the photo and video sharing application.

She posted a photo of her kissing Terry on the cheeks with a lengthy explanation. She said that the man in the video was “like her uncle” who posed for the video on his own accord.

“I Normally don’t respond to false stories but wanted address one that appeared today which said I was mocking a stranger over their appearance in ‘yellow swim pants’ sorry to disappoint yall but that’s something I would never do.”

“The guy in question is like an uncle to me and we were sharing a joke, not some random person the media is trying to make seem like I’m fat shaming.”

“We are all on holiday together and have been having an amazing time (including the jokes we crack on each other).”

“He was actually poking his tummy out More for the photos and videos we were taking. Sexy Uncle T is enjoying his media fame right now so thanks at least for that.”