Why Franchising Beats Starting Your Own Business

Starting a business hard. In fact, it’s so hard that the Small Business Association found that in the UK, 30% of new companies fold within the first two years and 50% never make it to five years. These are fairly bleak statistics but they’re also not surprising. Indeed, a new business depends on a great deal of success if it’s to be sustainable. It also requires an owner and team who are able to work tirelessly through a few years of adversity before the cash begins to roll in. There’s also paperwork and admin to consider. Oh, and the economy is a cruel mistress who ultimately decides who are the winners and losers of the business game.
Basically, starting a new business is one of the hardest things you can do.

But what if you could own a business without struggling through all of the teething pains? What if, instead of coming up with an original idea you could simply borrow one that has been proven to make money? Well, this is exactly what franchising allows you to do.

Effectively buying a business, franchising is the name for any business that allows investors to open their own branches. Some of the more popular and familiar franchises include places like McDonald’s, Papa Johns, and UPS stores.

After making an initial deposit, investors are provided with all of the marketing materials, training, and support systems they need to open their own store or start providing services under an established name. Eliminating the terrifying risk which is attached to a completely new enterprise, these savvy investors can rely on customers and trade flowing at the moment you open the doors.
There’s also an abundance of industries which abound in franchise opportunities. Indeed, it’s possible to open a franchise in everything from the car to a homecare sector. There’s also a range of franchises that can be operated online to allow investors to work from home or remotely.

When it comes to the success rate of franchises, things look a lot more positive than the figures relating to new businesses. Specifically, the rate of franchises that go on to succeed is around 90%. This certainly looks a lot more appealing than the forecast for starting something completely new.
Finding out more information about franchises and the rate at which they turn over a profit has never been easier thanks to the proliferation of online portals and websites that specialize in this particular area of business.

Sites like Franchise Supermarket, for instance, allows users to browse the complete selection of opportunities available and receive all the necessary details to make a deposit and begin operating their own business.

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