This New Company Is Making DIY Kits We Actually Want to Try

Most DIY kits will leave you with a useless pile of pipe-cleaner animals or clay models—especially if they are touted as taking a mere hour or less. Not the ones from Ian Anderson’s new company, Self-Assembly. The platform is for the design lover with a crafty streak, offering materials lists and DIY instructions for a collection of chic, actually practical home decor pieces. Though not kits in the straightforward sense, in which everything you need comes in a box, Self-Assembly lays out the process supply by supply, step by step, so you can make your own salt and pepper mills or marble side table in under an hour, or a translucent fruit bowl or light pendant in under two.

This bowl is made from moldable (and remoldable) plastic pellets, and is supposedly really fun to make. You have to work fast, though—the hot plastic hardens as it cools.
Photo by Ian Anderson
Marble tiles are the structural base of this tall side table, propped up with aluminum brackets. Assembly can be completed in less than 30 minutes. Photo by Ian Anderson



How does it work? First, you choose your project. Let’s say it’s the “difficult to assemble” Extrusion Velvet Sofa. Ian provides a quick rundown of how long the process will be (in this case, six hours), the various steps (24), and the average cost of the supplies (about $700). There’s also an index of all the parts and alternate parts you’ll need, plus the tools, all corresponding with handy purchasing links. At the bottom of the page sits a comments section, where you can help out your fellow DIYers with tips and tricks you learned along the way.

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