This levitating lamp is the ideal gift for space enthusiasts

You can count on space geeks to keep up to date with Hubble’s latest discoveries or data from the Solar Orbiter. However, they’ll also teach you a lesson in patience. News between space milestones can span years or even decades. The Juno probe, for instance, departed Earth in 2011 and only entered Jupiter’s orbit around five years later.

Years are insignificant compared to the cosmic age of the universe, but there’s a problem: Humans don’t live very long, so waiting for news from the latest space missions can feel like a literal lifetime. Until commercial space flight becomes a reality, you can at least gift your space-loving friend one of these $107 levitating lamps to remind them of the cosmos.

This levitating accent lamp by LampDepot is the ideal gift for the aspiring NASA scientist in your life. It comes with a 3D-printed lamp with your choice of either the Moon, Earth or Saturn, as well as a magnetic light base that floats and spins your miniature model just like its celestial counterpart.

Speaking of which, the base features touch-sensitive controls that let you turn on the lamp and cycle between lighting modes of varying color temperatures: white, warm white and warm yellow. The LED bulb has an operating lifetime of 50,000 hours, which might just be enough to keep you occupied until the next big space discovery. Normally $149, you can purchase a LampDepot lamp for just $107. That’s a 28 percent discount from the original.

Prices are subject to change.

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