This ring is actually a panic button in disguise

Anyone whose been in an unsafe situation knows the feeling: the creeping sensation of dread and the worry that you won’t be able to get help fast enough, should you need it.

While smartphones make it easier than ever before to dial 911, and smartwatches include features like SOS, sometimes you just want the people in your life to know where you are before something bad happens.


Enter Nimb: a panic button disguised as costume jewelry.

The Nimb ring is designed to be a quick, subtle way to send your location to anyone from friends to emergency personnel to alert them that you’re in a dangerous situation.

Here’s how it works:

Nimb was cofounded by Kathy Roma, who now serves as the company’s communications director. Roma got the idea for Nimb due to an event in her past: She was violently attacked walking down the street, an experience that left her with several scars on her upper body.

Roma was attacked in broad daylight, only a few hundred feet from a police station. She was able to call for help, but not before her throat, chest, and abdomen were slashed. She shares her experience in a video about the product, which you can watch here.


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