The Top 10 Universities With The Most VC-Backed Female Entrepreneurs

PitchBook recently released its 2018 guide to the most entrepreneurial colleges in the U.S. The list which struck me as particularly interesting, focused on the schools which fostered the most VC-backed female founders. You can download the entire report for free here, though you must provide your personal contact information.

The data encompasses January 1, 2006 through June 30, 2018 and focuses on three data points in assessing a college’s relative entrepreneurial ranking: (i) the number of VC-backed entrepreneurs, (ii) the number of VC-backed companies, and (iii) total capital raised. This data includes entrepreneurs from both undergraduate and MBA programs at each university.

The top ten colleges with the most VC-backed female founders are as follows:

1.Stanford University

2.Harvard University

3.UC Berkeley

4.University of Pennsylvania

5.Cornell University

6.New York University


8.Yale University

9.University of Michigan

10.University of Texas

(Source: PitchBook Data, Inc.)

However, to fully understand the relative gender inequality at each school, the total number of female entrepreneurs must be considered within the context of the total number of entrepreneurs at each institution. When this analysis is performed, the rankings shift, as shown below.

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