Style Crush: 10 Afua Rida Styles That Gives Us Inspiration Forever.

Award winning Stylist,style blogger & runway show producer Afua A. Rida is one lady who keeps popping up both in our pop & fashion world. Growing up we all fell in love with the pretty teenager on Ghana’s own version of the Cosby’s Show, Home Sweet Home where Afua played the second child to the Apea‘s. Later as we grew we had the chance to meet her on our screens as co-host of the Nescafe show with classic man KOD. After a very long hiatus from entertainment,Afua resurfaced as the refreshing yet quiet fashion blogger/stylist from House of Cramer on the Be Bold Show. The House of Cramer part of her life allowed us to also see the fashion and style conscious part of this lady and recently in her solo career. To be very honest we are still dazed by her girl-next-door look, practical,fun and yet distinct personal twist on the styles and pieces we find off or too excessive. Today on style blog we take a look at her style file and all the times we almost threw all our clothes away because she does it well.

Stylista Jacket: If you had a problem finding the right African print outfit to wear to work, then this jacket with the bow tie-feature says it all & Afua takes a notch up with the white shirt. Don’t you just love this??


Burgundy : Yaaaass!!! She scored a huge point with this burgundy piece from Elom Fiagbe. This was one of the times when we knew this girl got her A-game. Just take a look at the v-cut behind and how the dress sort of looks like a jumpsuit but it’s not.


Streetstyle: From her H&M Jacket to her Christie Brown culottes with a graphic T-shirt,she still sparks the fire in you and damn her gait could rival top models from the likes of Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid any day.


Sleeveless Jacket: Remember the time when she wore that sleeveless print jacket in fuschia and looked so clean and fresh?? Well if you don’t that’s the photo of her slaying with the leather briefcase like her life depended on it.


Christmas Party: We know you missed out on all those end of year parties because you searched your wardrobe and found nothing befitting. We spotted her in the Charlotte Prive chess-like blouse for a party and we could kill for the bib skirt from Chemphe Bea right now.



Ripped Jeans: It’s still ripped jeans season and she knows that darn well so she mixed it up with a blue cropped back tee from Christie Brown & we do love the button fringe bib necklace any day.



Street Fashion 2: Can we have those hats please?? The floral shirt too and your denim pants as well. Don’t forget to add those black pump heels. We just want it all.


The Pork Pie Hat x Candy Print: We love hats and it’s not our fault she loves to put them in her OOTD’s too & we love the shirt dress too. She has a knack for some of the best shoes and jewelry on the market. Go you!!!


Print Inspiration: So much print inspiration and styles to choose from in this photo but in all honesty we can’t take our eyes off the Kwame Adjaye shirt over the print palazzo’s.


Yes. We also can’t believe it we’ve been able to stick to our ten posts rule. Let’s take a minute to get some air. !We love this look for all the right reason. The Vasti glasses, belts and Poqua Poqu skirt is working just right. Yes we didn’t forget the Baker Woode shirt that make us feel so good about ourselves unfortunately the shirt is not even ours.



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