Stella Damasus and Kate Henshaw finally make peace

Nigerian actresses Stella Damasus and Kate Henshaw have been good enemies for a long while now until on Stella’s birthday, Kate chose to end their long beef.
Kate shared a heartfelt note to Damasus and ask for peace to come back to them “The older one gets, the more you do away with frivolous things,” said Henshaw in her message to her contemporary.
She continued, “We have had our share of “battles”..yes but nevertheless we have come a long way. Through the highs and lows. The past is behind us. Today I celebrate you for the love and support despite the distance.

Kate Henshaw

God enlarge your coast. Bless you and make all things beautiful for you today and always.”
Stella quickly responded back : “You just brought tears to my eyes. I love you so much and I know that deep down you know. You are right. I have also been silly and childish but thank God for growth and maturity. You have been the most supportive and most caring.
“You go above and beyond for everyone else. I remember when we had an issue long ago, you still came to Asaba for my dad’s burial. You stood by me when no one else did. Thank you for your forgiving and kind heart”.