She’s an artisan who uses luxury truffle chocolates to tell love stories

Who doesn’t like truffles? Those wonderful, lovingly handcrafted chocolates that melt on the tongue with evocatively scented centres that tease the tastebuds. One company taking the truffle to whole new levels is entrepreneur and chocolatier, Selassie Atadika, founder of Midunu Chocolates in Ghana.

LoA learned more about this unique Ghanaian chocolate brand that is a true taste of Africa in truffle form.

What does your company do?

Midunu Chocolates are artisanal handcrafted chocolates. Made with Ghanaian cocoa, they feature the flavors and essences of Africa.

“These truffles are a chef-scripted love story to our continent in every bite.”

After over a decade of travel throughout the various corners of Africa, I distilled the essences of the African continent and now offer them to the world in Ghanaian chocolate. The inspiration for the chocolates comes from different parts of the Continent. This is reflected in the name given to each truffle. We have named them after different African women who have inspired the truffles. Women like Aicha, Novisi, and Akuyo are culinary custodians throughout the continent. These truffles are a chef-scripted love story to our continent in every bite.

Why should anyone use your service or product?

With a cocoa heritage dating back to 1879, Ghana is renowned for both the quality and quantity of its cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate. The traditional method of fermenting cocoa beans in plantain and banana leaves instills a unique flavor. Simultaneously, the country’s quality control system provides consistency. Midunu chocolates take the taste buds of culinary adventurers on an expedition across the African continent. Our truffles present subtle infusions of continental bounty – teas, tisanes, and complex spice blends. These flavors represent the beautiful patchwork that is Africa’s culinary heritage. Get your taste buds ready for an unforgettable journey through Africa!


“I enhance the value of local ingredients, showcase lost or forgotten treasures, tell the stories of culinary custodians who keep our heritage alive through preserving, and share the delectable cuisine of the African continent.”

“In the coming years, I hope to extend the reach of our chocolate truffles to wider markets and to branch into bean to bar chocolate making.”

What’s the biggest piece of advice you can give to other women looking to start-up?

It is very important to understand your ‘why’ before you begin your entrepreneurial journey. Think deeply about it and write it down. Put a reminder somewhere you will see it on a regular basis. There are a lot of twists and turns which will happen as you progress along your path. When things are going well, you won’t seek the reminders. But there will be those ‘other’ days when you will need that nudge to help you get out of bed. The real sign of an entrepreneur is falling to the ground and being able to get yourself up, time after time. It can be a bitter sweet journey, but you are the master of your destiny!


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