Sarah Agboola is running two start-ups and studying…

Sarah Agboola is an entrepreneur passionate about the facilitation of ideas and opportunities. She is the co-founder of m-Time, a start-up dedicated to supporting busy parents, and speaks regularly about diversity in business and career pathways for young people.

Sarah fell into entrepreneurship after attending a start-up bootcamp held by The University of Melbourne and never looked back. Since then, she declined her offer for law school, has been awarded over $40k in scholarships and grants to support her study of entrepreneurial practice, and has led two youth engagement initiatives which reached more than 2000 young people on a daily basis.

Sarah currently serves as the Australian Sherpa for the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance and is on the board of directors at the Foundation for Young Australians.

The 22-year-old while studying a Masters in Entrepreneurship, is running two start-ups.

One is aimed at giving busy young mothers time off by organising a “mumcierge” who can do errands, chores, cleaning, delivery a box of fresh produce and babysit by request.

Ms Agboola hopes the product, M-time, will be seen a great gift for new mums.

In regional centres you just get on with it and get stuff done.

“We heard a lot that mothers felt guilty for leaving their children. What if that time away is a gift? Then its something that someone has bought for you, and the guilt is out the picture,” she said.

Ms Agboola also runs The Thread, a social enterprise aimed at getting country students to develop their own sustainable businesses that don’t require moving to the city.

“Coming from the country made me more self-aware and given me wider and broader experience of both regional and city issues. It gives me the ability to see lots of different perspectives.”


Credits| Fortune