Path To Power: Trade Street Jam Company’s Ashley Sneed Is Ready To Shine

Ashley Sneed,CEO Trade Street Jam

Last year Ashley Sneed quit her daytime job working for a major food service company. Now she’s running her own business full-time and set to appear in a new television series.

If your experience with jam begins and ends with a jar of regular, shmegular, degular grape and strawberry flavors slathered on toast, then you’ve been bamboozled.

For 31-year-old Ashley Sneed, jam is more than a sugary, gelatinous condiment used to accent breakfast foods and sandwiches. It’s the main attraction.

Sneed, originally from Chicago with roots in North Carolina and Indiana, is the owner of the Brooklyn-based Trade Street Jam Company.

With this three-year-old business Sneed’s imagination is free to run wild, creating unforgettable flavors such as Smoked Peach, Blueberry Lemon Basil, and Plum & Rose, to name a few.

Customers and clients not only use Trade Street Jam on bread, they also incorporate it into cocktail recipes, marinades, and other savory and sweet dishes. Flavors are bold and ingredients are fresh and best of all, you can actually taste the fruit.

“I love canning things. Pickling. Anything you can put into a jar and preserve for another season I’m really into,” says Sneed.

Last September, Sneed quit her day job working for a major food service company to commit to her passion full time. While it’s been an uphill battle, she’s slowly seen her business grow and is even part of a new series about entrepreneurs on Viceland launching on February 10, called The Hustle.

Between working in the corporate sector of the food industry to working as a chef for the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, N.C. she’s definitely not new to the business. Ahead, Sneed gets real about her journey as a full-time business owner and the life-changing decisions that helped thrust her into entrepreneur-dom.

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