Packing and Shipping Strategies to Keep the Products Safe

When you correctly follow the standard pack and ship procedures, it minimizes losses and increases customer satisfaction. Make sure to use high-quality boxes so that the products are shipped without any damage.

Shipping the packages to consumers by avoiding damage that eCommerce business strives to accomplish whether the packages are shipped across the border or within the country. When products are not packaged properly, they become vulnerable to damage and significantly lower profit and customer satisfaction, especially if it occurs frequently. When you are aware of the shipping supplies that are available in various materials, shapes, and sizes, it will help you in making the right choice of packaging for your products like packing soft toys or something expensive and bulkier items. This guide will take through the pack and ship process so that the products remain safe.

Different types of shipment packaging

You will find various shipment packaging options; however, the choice you make is determined by the type, weight, and size of the shipping product. Some of them are discussed below.

Paperboard and chipboard boxes

Such types of boxes are made from bendable and pliable chip cardboard. The boxes are primarily lightweight and white or brown. They are mainly used for gifts, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and shelf packaging.

Corrugated boxes

The boxes are sturdy and can withstand moderate weights. As the boxes are made of roughened material, it provides some cushioning for your items. They are available in different sizes and best for shipments with faraway destinations.

Cleated plywood box

Mostly, the boxes are used in cross-border shipping. Even though they are light, these pack and ship boxes are made of cleated plywood that makes them solid. Due to this reason, they are used for airfreight shipping. You can also find other types of packaging, such as steel drums, barrels, kegs, casks, etc.

How should one pack a box to ship?

Choosing the best box and padding the box

You may think that when opting for used boxes, you can save a few bucks; actually, you are risking getting your products damaged. For your packaging requirements, it is best to use new boxes.

Padding is necessary when you have to ship breakable products or items that can be easily damaged when dropped mistakenly. There are several padding supplies to choose from, just a few that include old newspapers and packing peanuts.

Wrapping the products and pack and seal

During the pack and ship procedure, if you are shipping items that are fragile such as glassware, mirrors, and the like, you need to wrap the products properly using bubble wrap, preferably with multiple layers. If it is possible, try securing the wrap with packing tape.

Once you wrap the items, they need to be packed. After they are packed inside the box, shake a little to check if there is any rattling sound. If there is some sound, then the box requires more padding. After the addition of extra padding, you can seal the box for shipping. When using flat rate mailers, please ensure they are not overstuffed to lower the shipping costs. When overstuffedArticle Search, mailers can burst during transit.

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