New Book Launching This September

Meet Tricia and Antoinette Clarke. Best friends. Power Twins. Whether you’re starting your career, wondering why you’re not further along, or looking to pivot, these bona fide Boss Ladies will show you how to take your work and life to the Next Level.

If you’re tired of getting second-class rewards for first-class work and you’re ready to be respected for who you are, DOUBLE DOWN will give you the tools and tactics to go all-in on your dreams.

As African American women who have climbed their way to the highest ranks of the media world, Tricia and Antoinette have learned that to win when the deck is stacked against you, you need to ditch the old Status Quo rules. You’ve got to double down on yourself, and you’ve got to cultivate a tribe of people who will double down on you, too.

In DOUBLE DOWN, they share their wisdom with the next generation of Boss Ladies looking to up their game. You’ll learn:

Don’t Emulate, Originate: identify your unique superpowers to stand out in your field.

* Don’t Stay in Place, Move into White Space: exploit openings to get your superpowers seen.

* Don’t Just Compete, Play the Long Game: aim high, plan ahead, go far.

* Don’t Inherit Your Tribe, Build It: actively cultivate a crew of people who will push you to go after your boldest, most audacious goals (and set new ones)

Packed with strategies and solutions, as well as stories of other badass Boss Ladies including Ayesha Curry, Carly Cushnie, and Anne Wojcicki, and many others, this remixed rulebook will help you see the power in yourself–and double down on it.

Mark your calendar…The launching date is September 10th

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