Meghan Markle has broken her silence on her family drama …..

Meghan Markle has spoken out about the family drama that has threatened to overshadow the royal wedding — and has said once and for all that her father won’t be coming.

In an official statement distributed by Kensington Palace on Thursday morning, Markle said that her father, Thomas, needs to “be given space”.

It follows a dramatic week in which Markle’s father pulled out of the wedding after being exposed selling photographs to paparazzi as part of the media frenzy around the ceremony.

He later changed his mind, then changed his mind again, in the space of only a few hours.

His plans were communicated to the world via gossipy interviews with the celebrity website TMZ, a marked departue from the well-managed way in which everything else about the wedding has been announced.

The statement from Markle is the first definitive move by the palace to close down the speculation, which was undeniably an embarrasment for the royal family.