Wendy Luhabe will inspire you.

We should give leadership a human face, particularly in the world we live in today where new leaders will change the game and say ‘we all matter even if we are different’” – Wendy Luhabe

By many people’s standards, the perfect life after the age of 40 consists of satisfaction in your chosen career path. Remaining with the love of your life, being proud to have raised two boys into gentlemen and still radiating true beauty in your air. That is the life of Wendy Luhabe in a nutshell. The host of the explosive and socially-impactful show, The Big Break Legacy.

That’s a perfect life, right? She wouldn’t describe as ”perfect” – but I would. But then again, I’m guilty of occasional immaturity.

We both have a childhood background in the East Rand in common. But that doesn’t mean that perspectives are similar. Our understanding of life is from different spectrums and we are of two contrasting generations.

This is why, if I had credentials like hers and our lives were reversed, and she was me and I was her. And you asked me the question posed by a vast majority of interviewers. I’d most likely respond with, ‘describe myself in a few words? That’s not possible. Why don’t you just Google me?”

Yet fortunately for society, she is not me, I have plenty more years to grow up and learn to humbly answer such questions from my heart and not my ego!

Luhabe is not one of those women that like to toot their own horns. Considering that she has so many credentials to her name. To the point that she surprised me when I asked her to describe in ten words: ”I am inspiring, pioneering, unconventional, independent, courageous, and reliable…”
She then continued to describe herself as thoughtful, adventurous, generous and surprising. I attest to that: indeed, it is surprising for a woman of her prestige to not describe herself as ”notable” and ”the best”. But hey that’s Wendy Luhabe for you!

Luhabe lifted and set the bar very high for the upcoming generation of South African women that seek to follow in her tracks. Even though this isn’t to say that what she has achieved is impossible for anyone else.

You are also limitless and she wants you to know. In fact, she asked to specifically to share her favourite quote with all Smart ZAR Girls. ”Remind the girls of Marianna Williamson’s quote please that, ‘our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond measure”’ she said.

Girl, take this advice seriously because comes from Mzansi’s most inspiring woman! She has done a lot for South Africa according to Wikipedia. Namely being the founder of ‘Bridging The Gap’ in 1991 and the Women Investment Holdings company, in 1993. Amongst her other credentials is that she was awarded as one of the 50 Leading Women Entrepreneurs by the World Economic Forum and inaugurated as a Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg in 2006.

To beautifully consolidate the fact that she is an all-rounded woman is the fact that she is in the power-couple league. She is married to a prominent politician, Mbhazima Shilowa, and together they have raised two grown sons both from previous relationships. They are also proud grandparents to two children from their one son who is now married.
Yet, nothing and no one is more important to her than her relationship with God. Luhabe is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

From Smartzargirl,South Africa