Meet Singer Bucie Nqwiliso


Some artists work for years to earn the name diva and be considered rock stars. oks and captivating movies, she is sure to set the music scene ablaze with her sure-fire and aptly titled debut album, “Rock Starr”….And be warned “this is just thBut there is the elite few who are born just that and new music name, Bucie, belongs to that select list. Loaded with the vocal capabilities.
The immensely talented young lady, who doesn’t mince her words, says she calls herself a diva because she has all the qualities associated with that and “there is no way you can miss that. I’m just in your face,” she says, as a matter of fact. She also calls herself a rock star because that’s how she lives, “Rock Stars are known as people who live their lives without care and to the fullest, with no regrets,” she says, “Life is a party and at the same time I’ve morals.

I’m just living my life, I know what I want and how to get it, whatever it takes,” she warns. “I’m a go-getter and don’t wait for things to happen.

I make things happen.” Released by Demor Music (owned by Shana’s Thandukwazi ‘DEMOR’ Sikhosana) the album is a potpourri of Soulful House Afro-House, ballads and Afro-soul classic material. And, like some of the greatest vocalists of our time, the story of her being signed to the label reads like a fairytale.

Born in Kimberly, Bucie, whose real name is Busisiwe Nqwiliso, grew up in Klerksdorp She started singing in the Sunday school choir at the tender age of seven and even then she was getting serious attention for her vocal talent. Her mom insists that this born talent was hitting some tight notes even when she was only three, and her voice demanded attention. And Bucie says that she has always known that she wanted to sing and be in the spotlight since then – be a rock starr. Bucie sees herself as a destiny’s child as her life seems to be turning out the way she has always wanted.

In 2005, she did the Soul City soundtrack auditions and ended up singing and dancing in the Chicco produced group Maubani. And in 2006, she was in a June 16, youth project that was done by the highly respected, Duma kaNdlovu. On this project she had an opportunity to share the stage with top music acts such as Judith Sephuma, Tshepo Tshola, Sbongile Mngoma, Arthur Mafokate and Thembisile Mntaka. Somizi Mhlongo was the choreographer of this highly regarded project, which gave her valuable insight about some of the workings of the industry.
The name Bucie came about after a series of deliberations. Because the industry already has a number of Busi’s, the plan was to come up with an exciting and powerful stage name that best described her.

The funked up Bucie was the perfect name that matched her rock star mentality. “Make no mistake,” she says, “I’m here to do great things. I’m not trying out.” True to that she has already been likened to the late Lebo Mathosa. Bucie has been said to be the perfect fit to close that gap left by the superstar and continue where she left off. “I’m not trying to replace her,” says Bucie. “It’s people who say I’m reminiscent of Lebo. That’s what they see in me and that can only mean great things.” Bucie says having her own album is a dream come true. “I have always dream of doing a solo album and being a famous singer since I was a kid. Now it’s happening and I’m gonna grab it with both hands,” she promises. “This is the time and I know it”. And just one listen and you will know it too.