Meet Selena Bebaako-Mensah – Leading Lady Of African Fashion

Fashion, from ages past, has been an aspect of culture that evokes the very spirit, nature and power of the people that own it. The African spirit and culture has always been a very vibrant, colourful, flamboyant and irrepressible one. This fullness of life and diverse richness is hard to capture, tame and reintroduce into the current trends of fashion world but some unique fashion icons has been able to do just that. One of such icons is Selina Bebaako-Mensah, founder of the famous African accessories brand Selina Beb. Born in Accra and schooled in four continents (Ghana, England, Italy and China), she developed a curiosity for cultures which later channeled into her love for fashion. She has been globally recognized for the depths of her colorful creations and it’s the potency of these creations that has made her a force to reckon with in the African fashion industry.

The brand produces amazingly affordable bags, comfortable footwears, beautiful jewelleries and modern accessories all made in Ghana. For a bold clutch/bag, statement jewellery or a great way to jazz up your iPad, Selina Beb has a solution tailored for you.

The products are sold all over the world including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, U.K., Italy and The USA. Having an official stockist of their products in Los Angeles, California- Kutula by Africana boutique.

You can contact Selina Beb on: +233 54 345 9000 or +233 20 886 8652

Credits|Pleasures magazine