Meet Courtney Sanders,The Author Of Get What You Want

Courtney Sanders is a speaker, entrepreneur and founder of, an online training website where Courtney provides her exclusive line of professional and personal development training programs for millennial women.

The Courtney Sanders Co. is an online training and development company for millennial women.

In her book Get What You Want: The Ultimate Guide to Figuring Out + Getting What You Want in Life ,Courtney teaches you to accomplish major goals such as paying off credit card debt, getting in shape, growing a successful blog, and starting your own business.

If there’s anything I want out of life, the process outlined in this workbook is the way I go get it.

In this workbook, you will learn: — How to identify what YOU want over what friends, family, and even strangers want for you. — How to turn what frustrates you into fuel for your your dreams — How to craft long- and short-term visions for every area of your life — How to break your goals down into manageable chunks — How to create an action plan that ensures you do the *right* things everyday — How to reach goals every quarter — How to set monthly benchmarks — How to make every week a successful week.

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