Let’s talk About The Impact Of Product Packaging

It is a common misconception that a buyer makes a well-informed buying decision. The truth is that an average buyer reads only about seven words on his regular super-market trip.

Most of the buying decisions are impulsive. Impulsive buying is a result of product placement, shape, design of the packaging, size, etc. Hence, Product Packaging plays a very important role in the success of the product.

Product packaging plays an important role in its sale because it is the first face of the product that a customer gets to see. The packaging must be impressive and must force the customer to pick it off the shelf. This holds true even for Food Packaging and Cosmetic packaging.

Stand out:

If you wish your brand and product to be the best in its category then a mere filling up of the shelves with your product won’t help you achieve what you are aiming for. You need for the Printed Product Boxes to be such that it stands out from the rest and creates communication between itself and the customer. This will help in the movement of your product from the shelves to the customer’s shopping bags.

Keep it Simple:

Simple is not always boring, most of the time it’s good. The High-Quality Product Boxes should not be visually agitating. It must be such that the customer can experience a visual and auditory calm and gravitate towards the product. This will cause impulsive selling of the product as the customer may straightaway pick the product off the shelf.

Five-year-old Test:

This is a test if your product packaging stands out and is simple or not. If you are able to describe your product to a five-year-old, send them into a supermarket where thousands of products are on display, and he comes back with your product then you have nailed it. You have created a Product Box that is simple and stands out to such a level that even a 5-year-old easily found it. this is a good sign and will help you in getting the sales to figure that you desire.

Triggering Emotional Engagement:

There should be a certain amount of attraction between the product’s packaging and the customer. The customer acts when the brand and packaging makes him feel something. The most powerful part of Product Packaging is its visual part which causes eye contact. If it’s good to see and can hold the attention of a customer for more than a couple of secondsScience Articles, the chances are high that they might as well buy the Custom Product Boxes.

Create Assets for your Brand:

The product’s packaging and branding must be such that it can create a long term iconic asset for your product. The characteristics of the packaging must be such that even a slight mention or a glimpse must be enough for the customer to recognize the product and bring in him the emotional sentiments attached with the product in his memory. Long-term iconic asset creation is a sure sign of the success of the product and its packaging.


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