Kafui Danku Slams Critics of Ghana Movie Industry

Actress and CEO of ABC Pictures, Kafui Danku in a recent interview has descended heavily on people who choose to criticize the Ghanaian movie industry without giving any solutions to help it grow.

Speaking in an interview with TV Africa’s Showbiz And More, the Former Beauty Queen lashed out saying,

“When you criticize the industry you need to justify what exactly is wrong, a lot of critics just want to follow the tagline and say the Ghana movie industry is bad, criticize it constructively not just saying what you hear people say that is how we can grow”

“We are still growing we will learn, things are changing and with time we will get there” she added

According to the Actress Movie Producers in Ghana are working very hard and all the criticism towards the industry are not necessary

“building the industry is not a one man’s job is a collective effort a lot need to be done, we just need to come together, it feels as though KUMAWOOD is different from us(GHALLYWOOD), but the fact is we all make the Ghana Movie industry,we should not be divided”, she said.