Is 2017 The Answer?My New Year Message

As the year inches to a close, we all have one thing in mind, saying goodbye to 2016 and hello to the unknown 2017 while holding dearly to our resolutions. What changes we are willing to implement and the ones we hope to discard? I would say it’s one of the busiest day in heaven as they receive billions of prayer request and supplications from mortals here on earth.
For me, change is a good thing if it’s channel in the right direction.We all know the things that didn’t work in 2016 no matter how hard we tried. But in other not to make hasty decisions as to trying something new, take a stock at the way you handled things and why it didn’t work before moving on with a clean slate to start something new.
Life is all about growth. We are all living organisms so to speak. For something to grow it needs time and effort, hard work, giving it the nutrients it deserves. Nothing happen by chance.
We all make resolutions every year. All aim to better ourselves. Why do we wait until the 31st night to make that decision when we can do it on daily basis? What’s so special about entering into the new year ? It’s not like our prayers only got answered on this day. 2017 will not be different from the previous years that has passed if we don’t enforce change .
Set goals and stick to it. No amount of prayers can move the hand of God against your will.
Be precise about what you want and work towards it. Do you remember the story of a man who was disabled for thirty-eight years? He’s been lying there for so many years waiting for his healing. Every year an angel of God come and stir the pool and since he has no one to help him get there, he didn’t get cured. He watch others get into the pool, shake themselves and got healed, walks away into their new life praising God but not him.His excuse….he has no one to help him get there, so it took him 38 years lying down in the same place, getting comfortable in his situation with all hope gone.

I believe he even said to himself, this is how I’m going to die.

Then one day, Jesus walked in his direction. He came to him and ask if he wants to get well.
Then the man said ” I’ve been here 38 years, every time the angel comes to stir the water, I have no one to help me get into the pool. Many a time we make excuses as to why we find ourselves in a situation. We even blame others for making our lives miserable and so we stay there in all bitterness and pain. Watch others get their breakthrough but not for us. We are not made to be happy.
You don’t know my family… Every single one of them lives in poverty. None of them ever went to college. We don’t have money. BREAK THE CIRCLE ! Without knowledge and education you can’t make it. Remember Jesus asked the disabled man if he wants to be well before performing the miracle. He told him to get up and walk.
And the man was cured instantly (John 5:1-8). I keep wondering why the angel didn’t drag the invalid man to the water before he stirs it knowing he can’t move.That’s not how life works.We have a part to play to receive our miracle….faith.(Matthew 17:20)

The decision to change your life is in your hands. No one can do it for you. If something keep dragging you back to where you started, this is the time to say ENOUGH !
We are in control of our destiny. Are we going to sit there and watch  others move forward and grow while we get stuck in our misery making excuses.There are no limits to all the possibilities out there waiting for you. This is your year.

Go out and embrace 2017

Happy New Year !

By Gifty Ayim-Korankye Daughters Of Africa Founder


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