I’m I too old to make a career change?

An Inspirational Reminder That You’re Never “Too Old” to Change Careers.

Here’s a fact: Most of your working life will probably happen after your twenties. You’ll most likely still have more than half left to go after your thirties.

And yet there’s this overwhelming sense that you have to predict exactly what career you’ll love right out of the gate, know the precise path you need to follow to get there, and be doing it already—successfully—in the first decade of what will hopefully be a very long road.

But what if you don’t? Or what if you do, and then decide later that you want to do something else?

Why are we so resistant to the idea of going after something new in our 40s? Or 50s? Or 60s? Or 70s? Or later? The idea feels foreign, maybe a little uncomfortable, in a culture that’s fascinated by child prodigies and constantly manufacturing 30-under-30 lists. But should it be?

Charlotte Clymer says absolutely not. And her answer resonated with thousands. Clymer, a press secretary at the Human Rights Campaign, recently posted a thread to Twitter that went viral—garnering more than 200,000 likes in total and thousands of retweets.

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