How to sleep better during pregnancy?

Your growing body during pregnancy needs to be gently supported in order to make it easier on the stretches and aches.

Here is a super easy , quick list of things you can do to get you relief on your best days:

1. Invest in a Good Pregnancy Pillow

Choose a good quality Pregnancy Pillow that will help support your belly and your back. The Coozly Pregnancy pillow is one of the best qualities available. Its available in various fibers. My personal favorite is the Coozly HQ fibre because it has the right bounce and feels very lovely.

Remember Size matters in a pregnancy pillow, so choose a size that has large dimensions for best overall support.

You can also use multiple pillows to support you instead of a pregnancy pillow, but that will mean a lot of adjusting. On the other hand pregnancy pillow is a single construct that you have to manage.

In case Coozly Maternity pillows are not available in your region, you can choose pregnancy pillows that use the Coozly HQ or the Premium Coozly PregnoCare fibres. The company also sells it fibres to select Maternity pillow manufacturers in areas where the whole pillow cannot be shipped.

2. Drink to Sleep

It is believed that a warm cup of milk can help you sleep faster. Pregnancy is the best time to catch up on sleep. From my personal experience, tranquil sleep will help you and your growing baby.

3. Bedtime Reading

Read up on baby books , baby guides and put your self on a good footing. Your reading will help you through difficult phases both in pregnancy and after.

There are numerous online resources that will give you tons of information. Being informative you can always be a step ahead.

4. A loving massage.

My husband always gave me a foot and leg massage that felt so lovely. This is the best time you have for yourself. Prod you loved one to make you feel special and you will always get it. Also remember to love your spouse as much. My experience tells me that after the baby we are so wound up with the baby that we seldom have personal tender moments. So make the best out of it.

5. Gentle Music will do the trick.

A soothing soundtrack will help you and your baby. Even a loving baby song or the sound of your I Love you Baby will make you and your loved ones brim with positive energy.
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