How To Keep Old Customers And Gain New Ones

Keeping old customers is as useful as gaining new ones although it can be a bit easier. Your customers have bought from you once so assuming they received a great service or product, half the work is done already. It is important to remember, the worse you treat your customers the more people they will tell, so bad service can come back to bite you. Letting customer service slide may not seem like the biggest disaster that your business could face but it can have a significant impact on its future success.
There are a lot of ways to lose customers from seemingly minor issues such as no attention to detail to major issues such as less than stellar customer service. Let’s have a look at some quick checks that you can perform on your business to make sure you’re not making the biggest mistakes that lead to losing customers.

1.Customer service.

Whether you are operating at a physical business address or in an online capacity your customer service should be perfect from start to finish. Being pleasant, helpful and efficient with customers isn’t expensive but it can make a big difference to what each customer says about your business. A bad reputation will cost you money. A good one will make money.


This is a simple one. Make every area of your business work as efficiently as possible and strive to make the customer experience as positive as you can. This can range from ensuring the quality of your services or products are at the highest level or that you give exceptional value for money. Even if your business makes minor mistakes your flawless customer service will be there to smooth over the cracks. Customers don’t expect your business to be perfect all the time but how you deal with mistakes will define your reputation.

3. Competitors

In the good old days of business, you would have been expected as a business owner to be aware of the competition in your area. While local competition awareness can still be crucial you should also be aware of who your competition is online and what they are up to. Are you being undercut online? Are your competitors doing anything unique and compelling that can inspire how you do business? It may be that your business is losing customers through no fault of your own but rather due to a better-equipped competitor. It’s always worth a look.

To ensure that your business is giving the right impression consider using a registered office and a telephone answering service to ensure you deliver a great service.

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