Getty Choenyana, founder of Oamobu Naturals

Getty is the founder of Oamobu Naturals; an all-natural handmade skin and hair care product range. Their flagship product is a range of unrefined shea body and hair butters that are whipped with carrier and essential oils for customers’ convenience. To supplement the use of their shea butter based products, they also offer African black soap. All Oamobu Naturals‘ imported ingredients are sourced from Fairtrade certified producers. In this episode, Getty shares some insight on how she started her own locally made skin care products and how she has expanded the company over the past few month.

My background has been predominantly in mechanical engineering. I completed my mechanical engineering degree at the University of Cape Town and have since worked in South Africa’s mining and construction sectors. I must say, my background in mechanical engineering has significantly contributed towards my entrepreneurial journey. As a mechanical engineer, one learns to solve all sorts of problems, to be well researched and know a lot about manufacturing consumer products. These are all skills that have proven incredibly valuable towards founding Oamobu. Also, my team members, Mel and Mark, are pretty seasoned entrepreneurs. Both have been involved in a number of successful start-ups within the creative and consumer goods sectors. Also, as a management consultant, Mark is used to solving entrepreneurial problems for large corporates.

Credit| Lionessesofafrica