Getting To Know Your Ideal Prospect

Getting a firm understanding of your ideal prospect will not only help you sell more stuff,  but it will also help you to relate with your prospects much better.   You will have far more success if you can relate with the problems, the desires and the fears that your prospects are feeling.

Who Is Your Ideal Prospect?

First of all, it is a good idea to get clear on who your ideal prospect is.  A good way to get clear about this is to ask some simple questions about this ideal prospect….

•           What are his/her goals?
•           What motivates them?
•           What are they looking for?
•           What problems are they facing?
•           What do they fear the most?
•           What is their dream that keeps them going?

Just answering these questions alone will give you a much better idea of who you are trying to talk to in your marketing.  Most people do not just step into success in their business, so chances are pretty good that you may have faced many of these fears and problems in your own life.

Learn To Relate With Your Prospects

People naturally like other people that they can relate with. If you can relate to your prospects they will see that you are just like them.

They will listen to what you have to say if you can relate to them in a way that makes sense.  If your prospects are looking for leads for their business,  you can relate to them by telling them about your past struggles with getting leads.

Think About This Person Every Time You Market

When I began marketing online I really had no idea who I was marketing to.  I had a product that I wanted to sell and I was promoting it blindly.  I didn’t know who exactly I was looking for… and this made it very difficult for me to sell anything.

Now that I have taken the time and given this some thought,  I know exactly who my ideal prospect is.

Knowing my ideal prospect helps me to provide relevant information and relate to people much better.  If you have a product or service, you need to ask yourself what problem it solves and then ask yourself who has these problems.

When you put some thought into these questions it will make your marketing message much clearer.   Plus it will help you relate with prospects and the situation that they are in.  This will make them like and trust your opinions and suggestions much more.

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