If You Get Blisters You Need To Read This

It is safe to say that us women undergo our fair share of torture when it comes to beauty. Ask any woman and they will tell you that uncomfortable shoes are one of the worst.

How many blisters have you had in your life? Now how many of these were caused by gorgeous shoes that turned their backs on you and caused your feet to suffer horrendously?!

Blisters are really just a fluid pocket located within the top layers of skin. The main causes of this pesky and sometimes painful bubbles are generally from rubbing (shoes that don’t fit), burns, expose to chemicals, freezing the area or infection. Blisters are a way that your body protects itself from further injury by creating a fluid buffer between the damaged skin cells and the healthy cells underneath.

If your blister has pus in it then it is most likely infected and might require medical attention. Blisters with blood in them are called blood blisters and these are a little different from the other kinds as they are created when blood vessels are broken and blood leaks between layers of skin. This can be caused if an area is pinched very hard, gets crushed, or gets squeezed by something with extreme force.

The best way to prevent a blister is from wearing comfortable fitting items, particularly socks and shoes, and not exposing skin to any potentially damaging agents such as heat, extreme cold and chemicals. (And yes, sunburns can cause blisters).

If you do have a blister, listen to your body. It is telling you that something is wrong and needs to be changed. Take care to keep the area clean and free from further irritation. And no matter how much we all are tempted to do it… don’t pop it. You will risk infection and it could become a much bigger pain than it already is.


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