Africa Fashion week 2016


AFWA is an annual event focused on exhibiting the beauty of African couture, art and fashion to a European and global audience. AFWA 2016 is a multiday event, that includes runway shows, exhibitions and network meetings.

The sole purpose is raising awareness of the work of African fashion designers and African inspired couture, providing multiple opportunities for showcasting theit work to a broad audience. The event will showcase the latest fashion trends of the emerging vibrant African art and design industry to the European audience, offering opportunities for vendor exhibitions, linking with business leaders, sponsors, local buyers, agents and media.


AFWA is organized under the Diana Tambe (DT) Foundation, serving as a tool in expanding the African fashion and textile industry throuht mentoring, exhibiting and promoting home based and international African and African-inspired designers. The ultimate vision is the empowerment of African designers, highlighting their contributions to the industry and branding African countries as global players in fashion, art and culture.


Make a textbox of following 2 paragraphs Africa has a very young population, in regards to this, the continent will have a very large labour potential in the future. AFWA focuses on the trade and labour possibilities for Africa, but also emphasizes and Africa’s cultural richness and beauty by aiming for a cultural exchange of fashion, art and culture on an international platform. AFWA presents designers latest collections to the fashion press: fashion journalists, photographers, stylists, retail buyers and the fashion audience. They all meet each other in a vibrant professional setting.

AFWA is not only a business event, but alsos an artistic, social and cultural gathering. Fashion is a constantly moving art form. Following and recognizing this movement is what the fashion industry is about. Designers put creativity and innovation into their designs to tell their artistic story to the audience and the fashion industry. AFWA is a social platform in the fashion industry, where talent is scouted and recognized.

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