Don’t Miss Sasha Obama’s Sweet Sixteen Slay

While the Obamas are living their life a bit more out of the limelight than they have been in the past eight years, that still doesn’t stop us from catching the occasional and much appreciated update on their lives.

This past weekend, it was just the tiniest sneak peek of youngest daughter Sasha Obama’s 16th birthday celebration.

Sasha, whose real name is Natasha by the way, turned 16 this past Saturday, June 10 and she looked amazing in her birthday fit, a simple but chic, spaghetti-strapped red dress.


Yes! to the dress, the hair and the makeup. If only all of us could look this timeless on our sixteenth birthday. I don’t remember what I wore, but I can guarantee it was nowhere near this fly. And not just because I didn’t have the money or access. I doubt I would have picked a look that would likely still work a decade from now.

As far as her parents, love to see this cheesy grin on her dad’s face. And I have to admit that Sasha looks almost exactly like her mother to me. Just beautiful.

Apparently, she’s friends with the daughter of “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Charrisse Jackson-Jordan. The festivities included a photo booth where Sasha posed for a silly picture or two with her friends.

#sashaobama is the best! Cameron really need to get her number!!!

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Love it