Donnie Phillips founded D'Lashes with just $65


Dionne Phillips, founder of D’Lashes, a luxury eyelash spa in Los Angeles, started her business with $65. She used that to buy supplies and venture out on her own after working as a makeup artist in Hollywood. Today, she boasts an impressive celebrity roster, a spa with a six-month waiting list and her own line of eyelash extensions. While Phillips is Hollywood’s go-to guru when it comes to eyelashes, she admits she turned to a certified public accountant to provide financial expertise.

“I found a wonderful CPA that I paid by the hour,” Phillips says. “He has a background working with spas and salons and he taught me how to budget for my business, maintain an excellent credit record, and grow my business.”

A former makeup artist, model and actress, Dionne Phillips knows beauty. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Naomi Campbell are just a few of the A-list celebrities who credit eyelash extension specialist Dionne Phillips with their glamorous style.


Dionne trained in New York, where she worked for 5 years perfecting the art of eyelash extension, and then traveled the country before bringing her unique talent to Los Angeles. With a surgeon’s precision, Dionne hand glues individual extensions to each eyelash, creating a fun and fabulous look.

She has formulated a technique which can give every woman a new “lash” on life. Whether you are just looking to enhance your natural beauty, are a cancer patient looking to restore one’s sense of self, or are a party girl looking to give diva for a few weeks, Dionne can help you “lash” out the competition with a variety of lash styles ranging from natural to ultra glam. D’Lashes last for weeks or months depending on the technique you choose.

Once you “lash out” with D’Lashes you will discover why Dionne Phillips is the Queen of Eyelashes.

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