Chule Gobodo, a South African film-maker connecting consumers and brands through visual storytelling

They say everyone has a unique story to tell, but often people, businesses and brands find it hard to get that story told in a way that is engaging. But one woman entrepreneur is on a mission to change all that. Chule Gobodo, co-founder of Brainbow Conscious Creatives, is showing clients how to powerfully connect their brands with their consumers using storytelling through film.

LoA had the pleasure of meeting this creative powerhouse this month to find out more.

What does your company do?

Brainbow Conscious Creatives is the only youth, female black owned boutique creative story agency in South Africa. We specialize in using storytelling as a brand activism tool. Storytelling has the power to connect the consumer to your brand in an emotive, authentic, memorable way. We do this through branded films and story experiences. Story experiences can be anything from VR healing art experiences to live music story events. We consider ourselves as the trusted voice of African women. Through specially crafted story experiences we engage in and create an intimate relationship with this growing market. Consider us as your loving translator when it comes to communicating to the multi layered, complex and ever evolving African woman.

Chule Gobodo, co-founder of Brainbow Conscious Creatives (South Africa)

What inspired you to start your company?

We met in film school in 2005, each of us with a dream to create an epic story. We where drawn together because of spiritual curiosity and our passion for service. We started Brainbow Productions (now Brainbow Conscious Creatives) with a desire to make inspiring, motivational films. Little did we know that we would embark on an adventure of spiritual growth, self awareness and loving relationships by starting a business together. Through the years we have evolved from a video production company to a creative story agency but one common thread has remained untethered, our mission to spread love through storytelling.

Why should anyone use your service or product?

The creative agency space is dominated by mostly white men. From our research and experience it is clear that there is a lack of insight on how to connect with the African woman. The stories about African women are one dimensional and lack depth. As this is a growing market, that is sophisticated and gaining spending power as a brand you have to authentically and consciously connect with them. We bring our experience as African women and our growing network and engagement with other African women as a pivot point when creating our story experiences.

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