Christina Funke Tegbe’s, Beauty Brand 54 Thrones Made It To Oprah’s Favorite Things 2020

Every year Oprah’s favorite things is one of the most sort after gift guide suitable for friends and family for the Christmas holidays. This year Oprah selected most of her gifts from black-owned businesses to bring them into the spotlight. I’m happy to announce 54 Thrones beauty set made it to the top list and what you need to know about the owner of this luxurious beauty brand along with her story.

Christina Funke Tegbe is the founder and creative visionary behind 54 Thrones. An African beauty brand inspired by the richness, diversity, and cultures of the continent and its people.

A southern-American childhood rooted with the cultural essence of Nigeria, Christina grew up experiencing the true and sacred beauty of Africa. Empowered by her Nigerian aunt who would indulge her with tubs of shea butter sent via Nigeria and moved by the ingenuity and innovation across the motherland, she answered the call to share the heart and soul of Africa with the world. In 2015, she left a career in corporate consulting to launch 54 Thrones.

Our Story

African-grown, pure & organic plant botanicals blended to protect, soothe and nourish your skin. 54 countries; 54 Thrones. The name 54 Thrones distinctively represents Africa’s 54 countries.

Christina travels to each country to source our key ingredients, personally meeting each artisan, cooperative members and businesses that we work with. Collaborating to create authentic, sustainably-made beauty products inspired by ancient African tradition. The result; high-quality, African-grown ingredients, backed by women who’ve cared for their skin with these natural ingredients for generations.

With 54 Thrones, Christina aspires to spread the message of the African origin of clean beauty”. Determined to share the beauty and authenticity of an Africa often not seen, she partners with passionate artisans who handcraft the rich ingredients that make up the brand.


At 54 Thrones we want to inspire you to think outside of the box and to go beyond what you’re used to. Be inspired by the rich cultures our ingredients come from, the people who create them and the power behind African clean beauty.


The Mission

Our mission is to create intimate skin experiences through African beauty rituals and traditions. We celebrate and encourage a skin-first approach—instead of covering up skin issues with makeup, it’s best to treat the root cause. It’s also important to understand that our bodies are incredible machines that speak to us, so when you have a dry patch or a breakout, you must listen to your skin and treat it accordingly.

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