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Daughters Of Africa(100 Daughters) is an online magazine celebrates the success of women entrepreneurs .. Nothing inspire me more than sharing the success stories of these unique individuals who strive to make their dream come true and didn’t allow anything to stand in the way of their success. The truth is we all have what it takes to be entrepreneurs but lack the drive to pursue it that’s why we are here to make this exciting phase of your life silky smooth.We have collected articles of women who has tried it , their stories are here to motivate you .As you read their success stories, i want you to know that I’m  here to give you support and to be your cheerleader. So don’t be a stranger,email me if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you.


We believe in equal opportunity for girls to explore and become who they want to be. We have no limits when it comes to how far a girl can go when it comes to education.

1.By educating a girl you help boost the family income

2.A child born to a mother who can read is likely to live past age 5

3.When you educate a girl, you help reduce early child marriage

4.When you educate a girl, you boost the economic growth

5.Maternal deaths will be reduced by 70% if all mothers in sub-Saharan Africa at least completed the primary school

6.When you educate a girl, you empower her to be confident

7. By educating girls they grow up to become women of substance in their communities and the world.


Child marriage is a problem in Africa if not tackled will render our economy powerless. A woman or girl without education is likely to end up in an abusive relationship. To break the circle of poverty, we are focused on educating women and girls to be self -sufficient by generating income through a trade or a career.Our daughter’s future seek to educate every child across Africa by improving their reading skills and training in technology even at an early age.

My plan is to get establish business entrepreneurs. Promote their business and share their startup stories and organize events to motivate the youth who are venturing into the same business with shared resources. In return,they will help these women who are less fortunate to establish their business or learn a trade by mentoring them and to sponsor their project in Africa.Let’s say if they train them in vocational skills, technology among others. We can then look for investors here in the United states who will be interested in buying their merchandise and put the money back in their pocket while expanding these businesses into other rural areas across Africa .So when you buy from our shop,you’re not only helping women get a job but you’re also educating their offspring.

We will build childcare centers for these women while they’re at work so their kids can start school right away and get the education they need starting from preschool through middle school and beyond. .
Together the problem of poverty, early marriage, obstetric fistula, rape, teen pregnancy will be a thing of the past.


We are against any form of violence or social injustice towards every individual ,male or female. We abhor practices like female circumcision, widowhood rites, child marriage, rape, depriving girls of education . Men and women are created equal.We all deserve the privilege to grow into our full potential without any hindrance.Follow our campaign Let’s End This on Twitter.


I encourage you to advertise with us to boost sales for your merchandise. African fashion has come a long way.It’s up to us to showcase our products and to meet the competition that’s out there. Africa has a rich culture of colors that inspires the individual in decorating, hosting events or just wearing these beautifully coordinating colors to show your heritage ,either way ,people are excited to see them and want to know the origin of where they come from.We can tell our stories through fashion and exhibitions.


We are a community of sisters. Women of African descent has a lot of misconception about us even with the current wave of successful women across the globe. It’s time to use the social media platform to let the world know that there are good things emerging from Africa. Every woman need girlfriends to hang out with and to share ideas. Join us and become a community of successful women. We are looking for writers to add their knowledge in mentoring our audience. Drop us an email if you’re interested.

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