Are You Underestimating Yourself? How to Stop and Realize Your Great Potential

I estimate that 99% of people underestimate their own capabilities in multiple ways. This means that chances are likely that you underestimate yourself. Do you say things like, that’s impossible or I can’t do that, often? I imagine that you say it more than you notice about many things.

Many people use this limitation as an excuse to get out of something that they are afraid of doing regardless of the benefits. For example, going back to school is a huge step and many people make excuses to themselves about how it is impossible because of the financing, time constraints, they are too old, they haven’t been in school for too long, etc. As far as we know we only get one life to live and none of us really know how long we get to keep it. Underestimating how much you are really capable of can hold you back from being everything you dream of being. Don’t limit yourself. Imagine what would have happened if the Wright brothers had listened to everyone who told them they could not fly?

You are capable of amazing things and part of realizing that is reversing that negative internal conversation you find yourself having often. Let’s think of something you want to do but think is impossible. Now, hold that in your mind. Think about what it would be like to accomplish it; really feel, see, and hear what it would be like. Put yourself in a state of accomplishment, feel good.

Now I want you to think about how you could accomplish what it is you see, hear, and feel. Don’t limit your thoughts, think outside of the box. What are your options? Go online and google options, or get a small pad of paper and write down your ideas as they come to you for awhile.

if you really want to avoid underestimating yourself and limiting your possibilities stop every night and spend a few moments really getting back to what it would be like to accomplish your goal. See it, feel it, and hear it. This exercise alone knocks down the imaginary barrier you put up and helps you start running towards accomplishing your goal.

You can use this method with anything you think is impossible. Forget about why you think you can’t do it and start thinking about HOW you can do it.

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