Why You Should Apply Your Moisturizer with a Makeup Brush

You have an abundance of beauty brushes for applying your foundation, eye shadow and blush—but when it comes to your moisturizer, you go straight for your fingertips. Um, ew. Here’s a much better way to combine the two techniques.

What you need: A synthetic, non-abrasive makeup brush (we like this one from IT Cosmetics).

What you do: Dab the brush in your moisturizer. (Aim for about a dime-sized amount.) Then smooth it over your skin until it’s blended and your face feels hydrated.

Why this works: Not only will the brush help you apply the product more evenly so you don’t waste even a drop of your pricey moisturizer, but it also helps you avoid transferring dirt from your hands, which can clog your pores and cause breakouts, to your face.

Yes, you still need to clean your brush. Don’t worry—a quick rinse in dish soap and olive oil once a week should do the trick. Just make sure in the interim to wipe off excess moisturizer onto a tissue and store your brush in a cool, dry place. Oh, and maybe don’t cross-contaminate with other makeup (i.e., use this brush solely for moisturizer).


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