A Simple Trick That Will Keep You from Killing Your Houseplants

Are you one of those people that loves the look of decorating your house with plants but can never seem to keep them alive? Well, the solution for turning your black thumb into a green thumb is hiding in your freezer. (These indoor plants will act as natural air filters in your home.)

The main reason that so many people kill their houseplants is because they overwater them. A simple trick that will keep you from doing that is watering them with ice cubes. Put two large ice cubes, or a few small ones, at the base of your plant once a week. Not only will this keep the overflow of messy water to a minimum, but it will also give the dirt and roots enough time to absorb the water. This will help to give your plants the exact level of hydration they need, keeping them alive.

Drenching your plants in water can lead to all of the water pooling at the bottom of the pot and not allowing for the roots of the plant to be properly hydrated. This method works especially well on hard-to-reach plants, such as ones that are hanging. It also works great for orchids, because they need their roots to be well drained and keeping water pooled at the bottom could kill them. Make sure to follow these other tips when planning your indoor garden.

Check out these happy ice-cube-fed orchids from Instagram. How pretty are these?

Source: countryliving.com