6 easy ways to reduce plastic usage if you don’t know where to begin, according to Lush’s co-founder

The conversation around cutting down on single-use plastic and generally being more conscious about living a sustainable life is one that’s snowballing.

But the problem is that it’s become such a huge part of our everyday lives that, or anybody who is yet to start making steps and begin their plastic-free journey, it can be quite an overwhelming thing.

When there’s so much you can do and with new initiatives springing up out of nowhere every single day, how possible is it to change your mind set overnight? It’s one of those situations where you find yourself being bombarded with information from every angle and it makes you want to curl up into a ball and just do nothing.

But don’t worry and don’t feel guilty because you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve spoken to Rowena Bird, the co-founder of Lush and the person responsible for producing the brand’s packaging-free make-up range to find out what her top tips are for anybody who wants to start reducing their usage but don’t really know where to start.

Here’s what she had to say…

Start small

“Do things you can live with, if you start too grand you will give up before a habit can form. Small things like remembering to carry a re-usable bag, water bottle or coffee cup are a good first step. I always have these about my person. I’ve also started to carry a set of cutlery, including straws – a friend made me a beautiful carry case for them, so they go everywhere with me now as well! I like bamboo ones for travelling with.”

Don’t dismiss the ugly fruit and vegetables

“When food shopping, choose the loose unpackaged fruit and veg… I often go for the ugly ones that no one else wants, as otherwise it just gets thrown away. Just pop it naked into your basket – you don’t need the plastic bags. I have reusable mesh bags in my shopping bag and I put loose fruit in those.”

Adapt your make-up routine

“Experiment with your cosmetics as well – try one of our naked lipstick refills, they are wrapped in wax (like a Babybel) and once peeled can be popped into any empty lipstick case. Or you could use one of our gorgeous plastic-free vintage style cases, made from partially recycled aluminium and brass. You can also pick up packaging and plastic free foundations and concealers.”

Stop with the make-up wipes already

“I also really like our 7-3 cleansing wipes as a replacement for the wet wipe. People still don’t know (or they don’t care) that wipes contain plastic and insist on throwing them down the toilet. Facial wipes make up 93% of the material found in sewer blockages, according to Water UK, so by making this small switch you’re having a big impact.”

Become an every day litter picker

“I would also add a little plea here, please don’t just walk past other people’s litter: if you see it, pick it up. Even if it’s just one plastic bottle, that’s one plastic bottle that won’t end up in the ocean and potentially in a whale’s stomach.”