5 Areas Where Data Mining Helps Business A Lot

Data mining is closely intertwined with analytics, which helps a business improve and scale. Being connected to vital records, this process drill holes in them to pick out what is downsizing and improving inventory, merchandise, loyalty, sales, and customers’ cart. The strategists can plan how to work on them.

Are you still struggling to improve your sales?

You don’t need to think over and over. Data mining has its solution. It can drive you to areas where hundreds of opportunities lie in bundles. You just need to observe the insight with keen eyes and then, recognize patterns that can help you to grind in a particular area. Believe me, it can help you to earn dollars in six figures. This is what data mining is all about. Simply put, it takes your business to the ride of transformation, steering from loss to profit.

Here are a few ones where you can dig from CRMs or Emails or your performance sheets and then, identify the prospects or, the potential of a business makeover:

Customers’ Cart

Have you ever noticed the cart of your customers?

It is like a bucket that your customers fill with the stuff that they desire to have. The affinity analysis, also called basket analysis, gets you straight to the insight, which encapsulates purchases, preferences, behavior and other past performances.

Now, what all you need to do is to evaluate every transaction. The prospects underlie there as a half-baked cake. You can segment those records to allow data mining to help your business, as

Those who paid through credit cards to analyze the propensity to do fraud or default (of not paying debt). Insurance companies can easily trace those suspicious customers and bar them.
Those who have used the latest offers (that were available in points or loyalty bonuses or return gift on purchase) to discover customers who are interested in getting out more if they are provided with incentives or gifts or something exciting through on-purchase offers.
Remember, these are just a few conditions as examples that you can measure to determine the underlying business opportunities and boost point-of-purchase sales.

Foresee Sales

A complimentary product is what any customer will love to grab. As a brand, you thrive hard to come with the idea of what that complimentary stuff should be. This analysis can take you on the top of the world, given that you rapidly produce such consumer goods that have a tendency to become obsolete soon. It is also called planned obsolescence. You can figure out anything as a complimentary item that can promote sales.

Make three projections regarding cash flow-realistic, optimistic and pessimistic.
Subscribe investors to have enough surplus, which will help you deal with the scarcity of funds if the plan does not work well.

Stock of Information

It’s ok if you are not able to enroll any customer for purchases. You can still fly up and up. You have a rich CRM or customers’ information or feedback or surveys or subscribers’ list. Invest your deep understanding into an analysis of that data. This study will help you to get through demographics and psychographics. Give a try on understanding their pain points. A thorough observation will certainly delight you with the crystal clear picture of their preference. Now, you would have the knowledge about what customers want.

Collect the list of who searched for what.
Dig out surveys, questionnaires and subscribers’ details to jot down their likelihood.
Project and evolve the desirable product.
Merchandising Planning

If you are not quite sure about what to select, buy, present and sell merchandise, merchandising planning can assist. It is purely an intelligence-driven through analytics of your inventory details and customers’ web experience. You can plan your merchandise so that it can be available in the right places, time, price and quantities.

Analyze the status of your stuff, which will help you get up-to-date about the scarcity and surplus of stocks.
The mining of the inventory sheets can make you learn about the upcoming demand, as its analytics provide the patterns that can easily confess about the same. This step takes you ahead of your competitors.
It’s not a walkover to sell an item that many other merchants also offer to buy. A slight up or down in the price can get in or take away a customer. The mining of the inventory records can help you to come with the best price that can onboard as many buyers as your competitors only dream about.


Loyalty is what you cannot build overnight. It takes time, energy and intelligence. You have to keep going on and on while engaging buyers, doing with manufacturing & logistics. But, a low price oftentimes takes them away to whosoever offer it. But, you can pick out those ones who stay with your brand despite the fact that your product is pricey via mining.

Deploy tools that can segment satisfied and dissatisfied ones together with the reasons so that you can plan an engagement strategy.
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