21 Ways You Know You Are Dating a Grown very MATURE Woman

In a new poll, just a quarter of single black women said they were looking for a long-term relationship, while nearly half of black men said they were.

There was an article floating around titled “13 Ways You Know You’re Dating a Grown  Man”. They hit some good points. Like, right on the head, they nailed it. I could have added a couple more things, but for the most part, they got it. So for my fellas, here are 21 ways you know you are dating a grown ass woman:

What she brings to the table, she doesn’t use as a weapon or a bargaining tool for power. Whether she makes more than her man or less than him, he still feels every bit of man throughout their relationship.

She is her own person with her own interests outside of you. She has hobbies. She has girlfriends. She’s active in her community, her job, her church, her organization affiliations. She does not need to be attached to your hip to feel complete.

If she has a child from a previous relationship, she’s not keeping the child from the father out of spite.

She knows that you can’t read minds so she’s able to effectively communicate with you. When you ask her, “what’s wrong?”, she doesn’t lie and say “nothing” knowing good and well she’s hot as fish grease.

You can get a cooked meal out of her. Like a real cooked meal. Even if she hates cooking or doesn’t know how to cook, she will do so for you.​

She knows how to pick her battles.

She’s not insecure or jealous of your relationship with your boys, or with your family, or with your children if you have some from a previous relationship. That one female friend that is ACTUALLY your homegirl, she’s not jealous of her either. The women that swoon over you, is no sweat off her brow. Inside, she’s thinking, “they should swoon, I got a good ass man!”

Those dreams you have? She supports and speaks life into them. Whether you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder or expand your car repair shop, she has your back.

She doesn’t let social media influence her relationship or interactions with you.

She doesn’t let her friends and family have much or any input into your relationship. And on the rare occassion she does, she has sense enough to seek out the friend who isn’t miserable, bitter and unable to give sound, rational advice.

There’s peace when dealing with her. Everything is not always a battle. She’s rarely ever combative. When you ask her a direct question, 95% of the time she gives you a direct answer.

She has let you know what she wants in a relationship from the beginning and is HONEST about it. If she knows she wants to get married in the future, then she dates to marry. She doesn’t play any games about this. She doesn’t cross her fingers and hopes she can magically turn a serial playboy into a future husband.

What she asks for you to bring to the table, she can bring to the table as well. She wants you to be a good communicator? She’s one. She wants you active in the community? She is. She wants a God-fearing man? She’s a God-fearing woman.

If she has children from a previous relationship, she didn’t introduce them to you all willy-nilly. After she did a background check on you and began dating you with a future in mind, THEN and only then, she brought you around them.

Texting is not her only form of communication with you. But she’s not a tight wad about it. She understands that it may be much easier and more fitting to shoot a text than to have a phone convo.

Her butt and breasts are not all over social media. In 3 years at your bachelor’s party, your best man will not pull out his phone to show you a picture of her behind tooted up on her bathroom sink.

She acts like a lady and thinks like one too. She understands no man wants his woman thinking like him.

She’s not trying to change you when she introduces you to something new. She’s merely just keeping things interesting and your date life fun.

She doesn’t play the “waiting game” but would never dare give you an ultimatuum to marry her (See #12). She understands men are ready for marriage at a different pace. She may ask you about it and depending on the answer is when she makes a decision if needed.

She’s your sounding board. You are free to talk about anything with her. You can throw ideas off her. You can vent. You can complain about your bad day at work. You can express your anger, pain, hurt, happiness with her.

If you’re a good man, she knows she’s winning with you. You never have to question if she appreciates you.


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