11 Ways To Be Intimate Without Having Sex

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You don’t have to be between the sheets to share intimacy with your partner. Doing anything on this list together will bring you closer.

Sharing Music With Each Other

From the lyrics to the melodies, music can connect to your spirit and help you connect with the person you love. Curate weekly playlists for each other or send sensual or romantic songs to one another periodically throughout the day. The simple exchange will deepen your bond and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy while listening.

Praying For and With Each Other

Take just 30 seconds a day to stop and say a prayer together or for each other. Make it as specific or vague as your heart desires. This small act will definitely have a meaningful impact on your relationship.

Do A Puzzle Together

Stimulate each other’s minds by completing a puzzle together. Whether it’s a traditional jigsaw puzzle or something different like a crossword, wait until you see how intimate it can be to problem solve together.

Wash Each Other’s Hair

There is nothing better than this feeling, promise. When you’re at a place of comfort and vulnerability with each other, doing this won’t seem foreign at all, and it will be be oh-so rewarding.

Cook Together

Spice things up in the kitchen by cooking something side by side. Make a meal (with aphrodisiac foods) and then feed each other.

Have a Staring Contest

You remember how this childhood game goes: Look deep into each other’s eyes and don’t stop until someone breaks. Taking time to really look at your partner in such an intimate way can do wonders for your attraction to each other. For added fun, try this: Whoever blinks first has to cook dinner!

Visit A Museum

Spending the afternoon in the museum is a great way to share intimacy. Divulging in the arts of other cultures and time periods can help bond the two of you in a way that doesn’t require shaking any sheets.

Write Each Other Love Letters

Sending an appreciative text message can be sweet, but taking the time to write a handwritten card or note is way better. Do it at random and don’t hold back, watch your partner’s face just light up.

Make Art Together

Paint the next piece of art for your home together, or keep it simple and attend a local couple’s painting class. Making something that’s visually stimulating together will also recharge your connection.

Host Something Together

Planning and hosting a small event or an evening with mutual friends together, teaches you how to have each other’s backs and helps you further realize how well you work together as a team. It will only make you want each other more.

Indulge In Each Other’s Favorite Things

If your man likes to go hiking, join him! Let the experience of something he enjoys be something you enjoy together. Learning with him in this way can change a lot in your relationship. Share one your favorite past times with him too and really have an exchange of great memories.


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