10 ways to express your self-confidence

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to body language and self-confidence. So far we have being talking about ways to improve your self-confidence but it is equally important to be able to express and demonstrate your self-confidence to others.

Imagine yourself entering a room filled with people. Even before you speak, your image, your attitude, your movements and even facial expression will “witness” a lot about you. Self-confidence and comfort are not expressed only when we speak, but by how we sit, stand and behave.

10 secrets to avoid (or use) for expressing your self confidence

1. Do not put hands in pockets.

It shows that we do not feel comfortable or are not sure for ourselves, where we are and what we want. It is a logical move to want to hide our hands when we feel frustration. What you can do instead is to try to stick your hands on your hips.

2. Do not put your hands in your mouth.

This is the most obvious sign of irritation. Even if you feel overpowering desire to do, consider that everyone is looking at you and avoid it.

3. Always looks straight.

Do not lower the gaze in front of anyone; they are not superior from you. Always look up and straight and engage with other people with determination and a smile.

4. Keep an upright position.

When you are standing, watch your attitude. Stay upright with your shoulders back, even when you are reading. The upright position implies that you are not afraid of anything.

5. Walk in big steps.

The proper way to walk indicates a person who knows what he/she wants. Make sure you are walking with big but steady steps even if it is slower than what you used to.

6. Learn how to handshake with confidence

When someone extends their hands for a handshake, do not be afraid to do it. Grasp the hand across your palm and tighten it so that you both feel the contact and move up and down two to three times. Leave the other to choose when to disengage from the handshake. Also it is important, while handshaking to look the other person in the eye.

7. Watch your hairstyle.

The hairstyle, length and cleanliness of your hair are among the first things the other person will notice, regardless of gender. Make sure that when you go out (or to work) your hair is clean and tidy.

8. Smile.

Regardless of what you believe, when you are not smiling does not mean that you are not determined. A smiling face can bring much better results in your professional and personal life.

9. Do not cross your hands.

The move shows insecure people that try to barricade themselves behind the safety of their hands and not at all open to communication. Even if you feel cold, it is best to look for some warm clothes than to sit with folded hands as if to embrace the same body.

10. Use body contact.

When we talk about using body contact that does not mean you have to go out and start touching or kissing strangers without reason! During a handshake you can use your other hand to pad someone in the shoulder or you can move your body closer as a way to show friendliness.


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