10 Things Your Mother Taught You That Will Help Enhance Your Business

I lost my mother at the start of 2014. To honor her memory and to celebrate all the great mothers in the world, let me enumerate some of the wonderful sayings they have dispensed throughout the years. For what practical purpose? To guide each entrepreneur how to enhance a business.

Check out then these 10 everlasting tips from mothers to aid entrepreneurs:

1. Stand up straight. Any time you meet with possible clients or investors, dealing with suppliers or evaluating prospective employees, you need to present an aura of self-confidence. Good posture, eye contact, and a well-modulated voice (avoid mumbling, as mom used to say) present you as a competent person who can be trusted to safeguard an investment.

2. Clean your room. A disorganized life is costly. If an entrepreneur does not possess an organized computer file system, a method for monitoring tasks, a clear office space and well-managed long-term strategies, he or she might continually be harassed and overstressed. Business owners handle a number of functions, and valuable time lost figuring out where a file is kept is counter-productive.

3. Share. Competition (a state where competitors cooperate and work together) can be significantly helpful for entrepreneurs. It could lead to, based on a certain business sector, savings, enhanced profits or new high-value clients. Setting up a referral system with another company, ordering supplies simultaneously with other firms, office space sharing or even pooling resources and dividing expenses can be done. Look for possible competition pals at networking events.

4. Stop watching the TV and go to sleep. New research on sleep is self-evident: entrepreneurs must be efficient, productive, and healthy. The findings on House of Cards? It is still a fact that watching another episode will enhance profitability. Hence, quit watching TV and get enough rest or you might end up having reduced cognitive performance and alertness – not what you need for managing a 15-hour day.

5. Go out and play. Quite literally, leaving your room for fresh air and exercise can improve creativity and minimize stress, leading to more productivity and efficiency at work. At a different level, viewing beyond the present target audience for clients, thinking outside the box while creating a new marketing plan or leaving one’s comfort zone on a business venture can provide excellent returns.

6. Finish your chores before you go out. Every person has favorite as well as un-favorite tasks. Practice the habit of doing first tasks you do not like. Later in the day when self-control slackens due to flagging attention, less discipline will be needed to concentrate on the remaining tasks.

7. Imitation is the best way to flatter others. Some mothers utilize this as the common retort to oft-repeated complain, “She’s copying me,” and during such instances, it can become irritating. But feel free to imitate any brands admired. Whenever feasible, business owners should reach out to business leaders they want to emulate and find opportunity to learn from them (while mentioning their admiration). Entrepreneurs may be more easily flattered than children when others copy them.

8. Getting bored? By all means, stop being boring. Label this as “hard to get rid of”. Countless mothers have often said, “Only boring people get bored,” and this saying hurts. However, nothing can be closer to the truth. Bored with your marketing or promotional campaigns? Perhaps, your prospects might also be bored. It is difficult to get out of the dumps; but it is vital to grab the bull by the horns and win the admiration of more customers.

9. “No one is quite like you.” Being anxious about the competition can lead business people to forget why they are in business in the first place. Hence, they could find new inspiration from what their moms often told them as kids about being special and unique. And more than ever, they should take heart in realizing and appreciating their uniqueness as a business in order to finally make the way for overtaking the competition and providing clients something really worth having.

10. Always say “Thank you”. This Mother’s Day, adults who take their mothers out for brunch or chat with them online should remember to appreciate and thank her for all the valuable advice she has given them in their growing-up years. Remember, that opportunity might not come again.

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