10 Products That Upgrade Your Home for Less Than $45

After spending the last few months inside, perhaps you’ve noticed certain areas of your home look a little rough around the edges.

The upside to a prolonged pandemic is you now may have more time to tackle those home projects – and you can do it without breaking the bank.

From press-on stainless steel to a water-saving shower head, we’ve got some low-cost ways to upgrade your home.

All of these items get at least four stars from reviewers on Amazon. We do, however, suggest you compare prices around the web before buying to make sure you’re getting the deepest discount available at that time.

Also, note that although prices you see here will almost always be accurate, they do sometimes differ slightly from what you will find at Amazon.

1. Water-saving shower head

ShowerStart LLC / Amazon


Each time you start to run a shower, you have to stand around waiting for the water to heat up. But this shower head promises to end that delay.

You turn on the water, and it runs until the cold water runs out. Once the water temperature reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit, the water slows to a trickle. Then, the water waits until you pull the cord.

You can do other tasks — such as shaving or brushing your teeth — and step into the shower when ready, knowing the water will be warm.

2. Deck stain

SaverSystems / Amazon


Staining a deck can be a multi-day project, but SaverSystems’ No. 1 Deck Premium Wood Stain promises to speed up the process.

This semi-transparent, water-based solution is designed to work well on damp wood, thereby reducing the wait time between cleaning and staining. It also acts as a sealant.

3. Tub refinishing kit

Rust-Oleum / Amazon

If your tub is looking a little grungy, pep it up with the Rust-Oleum 2-Part Tub Tile Refinishing Kit.

With this kit, you can prepare the surface and paint the same day. The two-part epoxy acrylic formula fights moisture and resists corrosion.

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